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FAQ 01

Do I need a plot to buy a house?

If you do not have a plot to locate your NIU house, there is no problem. In any of our showrooms you can request technical advice to find the plot that best suits your needs and preferences.

Our team will be happy to accompany you in the process and, through personalized attention, find the most suitable implantation place for your new home.

FAQ 02

I have a plot, but it has a lot of unevenness, is it a problem?

NIU can be adapted to different topographies, always within limits. The team will study your terrain beforehand to see if it is viable.

Whether you have a plot located on flat ground, or if it is in an abrupt place, the house will adjust precisely to the topography, so you can settle where you prefer.

FAQ 03

Do I have to look for an architect or a builder?

At NIU we greatly value our clients’ time and peace of mind. For this reason, efficiency in the management of the entire process is essential, and this happens, how could it be otherwise, by taking care of requesting the necessary permits from the administration, as well as coordinating all the agents involved in the process of construction, from the architect to the builder.

From NIU we take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything; because time is important to us and your peace of mind is our priority.

FAQ 04

Are the town hall fees included in the price of the house?

We take care of carrying out the necessary procedures with the administration and informing the client of the payment procedure and the final amount of the fees required by the City Council, but, being somewhat variable depending on the location of each house, the amount is not included in the price.

FAQ 05

Do the houses have the pool included?

The pool is not included in the home and base price, however, all our single-family home models are designed for the use and enjoyment of an outdoor pool. Thus, the pool is a supplement that NIU offers. The location and dimensions of the pool that is included in each of our models is in relation to the program of the rooms and the proportion of the built volume.

In other words, the pool is thought from the beginning of the project, being fully integrated into the design. Even so, of course, if there is not enough space on the plot or you do not need it, there is the possibility of buying a NIU house without a pool.

FAQ 06

Can the distribution be modified?

At NIU we have multiple types of housing, which adapt to a wide variety of programs. In this way, we can offer a range of spatial solutions that respond to multiple ways of living.

In any case, if none of the proposed distributions meets your programmatic needs, we have a project team to carry out small distribution adjustments within each room or area.

FAQ 07

Is the furniture included?

Mobile furniture is part of the supplements that NIU offers. We know that the equipment and decoration of a new home can be complicated since there are multiple options on the market and there is not always the time necessary to be able to assess the suitability of each one of them.

For this reason, from NIU we put at your disposal a team of professionals who will offer you various furniture solutions that fit perfectly with the cozy, contemporary and balanced spirit of the houses.

FAQ 08

Can houses be located in extreme climates?

Our houses are designed with bioclimatic comfort in mind, complying with European regulations and with the set of regulations that regulates the Technical Building Code in Spain (CTE).

Even so, depending on the location and its weather characteristics, it would be something to assess with the regulations and specific legislation of the place. From NIU we can perform the management and evaluate, without commitment, the viability in each case.

FAQ 09

Is it possible to make basements or porches?

Although they are not proposed in the typologies shown on the web, there would be the possibility of creating basements or porches through independent management from the house itself.

There would be no problem in incorporating these elements to measure through a complementary management.

FAQ 10

Is the adequacy of the plot included in the house to be able to locate it?

It is included in the home construction process, but not in the base price per m2. The NIU offers a comprehensive management, so the works of adaptation of the plot, prior to the implementation of the house on the land, are included.

We adapt the place from the beginning of the works so that our industrialized construction system fits like a glove in the selected location.

The conditioning of the land and the foundations varies with each terrain, so the cost of these items will be reflected in a different way with respect to the base price of each project.

FAQ 11

Can a house be located on a plot where a house is already built?

In general, there would be no problem in locating a house on a plot where there is already a home, but it would have to be confirmed with the regulations and legislation in each place.

From NIU we take care of this management in order to confirm viability.

FAQ 12

What delivery times do NIU houses have?

Our construction system and our highly efficient management means that we can guarantee the delivery of keys within a period of three or four months from the beginning of the assembly of the metallic structure.

FAQ 13

What does the price of the house include?

The price of the house includes everything you need to move in: Integral management with the administration and the agents involved in the work, construction materials, facilities , the lighting, the exterior carpentry, the interior carpentry (cabinets, distribution furniture and beds), the electrical appliances (oven, microwave, hob, refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher), the taps, the toilets, and the air conditioning.

The city council fees and the cost of the land are not included in the price, although NIU can manage and advise you. We also offer supplements such as the pool, solar control, basement and mobile furniture.












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